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      It's the elephant in the room question at the moment - why not only buy locally made products?
      T-shirts are supplied by Liminal Apparel, a New Zealand owned and operated company. Across its whole business, the parent company of Liminal Apparel employs ~ 40 people in Christchurch. 
      While locally produced products are really important in the journey to our economic recovery,  New Zealand no longer has a large clothing manufacturing base, so generally the only apparel made here is for high end fashion due to the very high cost of manufacturing in New Zealand.
      At this point, many suppliers end up sourcing the cheapest products they can overseas.
      Instead, Liminal Apparel's t-shirts are made in Kolkata, India by a company called Freeset. Freeset is World Fair Trade Organisation certified, provides safe working conditions, living wages, stable work and above all, creates good jobs in communities where poverty has dominated daily life for far too long. 
      So your RNZ Critter tee does 3 things:
      1. Generates funds for NZ Conservation organisations (Critters Tee campaigns have raised $12,000 raised for Conservation groups 
        ~$4,000 raised for Social Service groups during lockdown tee campaign. )
      2. Contributes to the sustainable running of a local NZ company. 
      3. Creates good jobs and choice in a part of the world where poverty has previously dominated.
      That seems good all round to us!