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      We know it’s hard, but if you take a breath and hold our hand we’ll guide you through it. This page gives you a basic insight into what's required when it comes to your artwork.
      We offer printing options to suit your needs, from local printing here in NZ to in-house printing at Freeset using G.O.T.S certified inks.

      Graphics guide - Download here

      If you don't speak graphic design or just need some help, don't worry we're here to help!

      Artwork we like to work with: 6 key things to remember when designing your artwork

      1-Vector Art:
      Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), Portable Document Format (.pdf). All fonts must be outlined.
      2-Text Outlined:
      Please ensure all text and fonts are converted to outlines, It means that the letters are converted to shapes. When a text is outlined, the text or font can not be changed accidentally.
      3-Pantone colours:
      Select the colour from the PANTONE Color Book and provide us the code number.
      4- Make the design the size it has to be printed 
      Contact us for specific product templates
      5- Seperate layers:
      Please make sure there is a layer for every single colour. 
      6- Send us your artwork:
      It can be saved as an .ai file or an .eps file

      Artwork don't like to work with:

      Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), Ping (.png), Bitmap (.bmp) files are NOT accepted. 

      Files submitted outside of these requirements might be subject to additional charges and production delays.

      Why Vector files?:
      Vector files are the preferred files as they give the best results. All fonts must be converted to outlines. The artwork must be set up to size.  Artwork creation is charged at an hourly rate of $75.00/hr. One-hour minimum. This hourly rate applies to any changes made to artwork that is not submitted within the required guidelines. All provided artwork files are kept on file for re-order purposes only. Created and recreated artwork and artwork files remain the property of Liminal AUS. All film and screens remain the property of Liminal.

      Colours and Colour Matching
      If you want to book an order and haven’t provided a Pantone (PMS) colour for your artwork, We can match the colour as close as possible from what we see on the screen using our Pantone Solid coated and uncoated colour books.
      It is important to note that Pantone (PMS) Colours will vary from monitor to swatch book to the mixed ink. As this is something we can’t control we have a tolerance of 5% variance from the Swatch book. If you have a previously printed garment and want us to match a Pantone (PMS) colour is would be advised that you bring in a sample for our reference.
      The Ink must include the Pantone or PMS reference number for the Solid Coated book.

      How much does screen printing cost? CLICK HERE

      Local screen printers we recommend: 


      Against The Grain
      PH: 021 059 8374

      18A Tanner Street
      Woolston, Christchurch


      Koru Print

      11 Disraeli Street
      Addington, Christchurch