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      Terms and Conditions (the fine fine print) 


      You =  (the Campaign Owner)  

      Liminal 8024 Ltd t/a Liminal Apparel =  (the Merchandiser)  

      The end customer = The Customer 

      The effective wholesale price The Merchandiser offers the Campaign Owner = Agreed Campaign Price  



      • Product is owned by The Merchandiser until the campaign closes and goods are shipped 
      • All prints screens are owned by The MerchandiserThese will be retained for months 


      Intellectual Property 

      • Design and branding rights are held by their respective owners or creators where applicable. Unless otherwise stated, this will be assumed to be the Campaign Owner.  
      • The Merchandiser will not use any Campaign Owner's branding or designs for other campaigns without written agreement.  

      Data Privacy  

      • Customer info is stored securely on our e-commerce platform servers. Only transactional communications may be initiated with customers unless they opt-in to accept marketing. The Merchandiser cannot share end customer data with the Campaign Owner for anything other than transaction communications unless written opt-in consent is received from the end customer.  
      • The Merchandiser may contact the end customer from time to time for other related Campaigns, provided written opt-in consent is obtained. 

      Commission Payout  

      • The Merchandiser will pay out the Commission to the Campaign Owner on the 20th of the month following the receipt of an invoice from the Campaign Owner. This invoice may be raised once the campaign has closed and final numbers are confirmedThe Commission is defined as follows: 
        Retail price – shipping costs – Agreed Campaign Price per unit based on total volume per SKU.   
        If the Campaign Owner is GST registered, the invoice should include GST where applicable.  
      • The Merchandiser reserves the right to charge the Campaign Owner for any setup and dispatch costs incurred where a minimum order quantity has not been reached. 
      • The Merchandiser reserves the right to charge the Campaign Owner for any extra-ordinary shipping costs that were not paid for during purchase due to customer error. (eg a customer changes shipping address from local to Rural Delivery).  
      • The Campaign Owner may purchase any over-run stock off The Merchandiser at the Agreed Campaign Price.   

      Returns & Faults 

      • The Merchandiser is responsible for any faulty goods and will issue refunds or replacements where possible directly with the end customer. Unless agreed otherwise, the original product must be returned to Liminal Apparel, 7 Wise St, Addington Christchurch.  
      • All return requests must be made lodged via email to within 7 days of receipt of goods.  
      • The Merchandiser reserves the right to accept or refuse returns.  
      • Sizing changes will be accepted where possible, but since campaigns are printed to order, customers are asked to choose their sizing carefully. 
      • The Merchandiser accepts no responsibility for loss of packages where the address supplied by the customer is incorrect.  
      • As these are custom printed products, no refunds will be accepted for a ‘change of mind’