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    goodMerch- How it works


    How it works


    Send us your logo, brand or artwork. Choose your merch items. We’ll build your very own merch store.

    Sell stuff

    Get your tribe and community wearing your brand via pre sales on your web store. Make sure they know we'll ship their order once your campaign finishes.


    We arrange custom printing of your merch. The best thing is, because we print only once your campaign closes - we only print the garments you sell.
    There's no risk to you.

    Minimum order quantities may apply.


    Once your merch is printed, we’ll ship, pack and send it to all in your community.

    goodMerch is about being good for you and good for us

    At the end of the campaign we’ll pay your commission, and our proceeds go towards our people in Kolkata, India.
    Together we're creating a little more good in the world where it's needed most. 

    Contact Us To Find Out More 

    goodMerch- Supply



    Our Supply

    Our primary supply of goods is from our partners at Freeset and Common Good in Kolkata, India. Through these organisations, good jobs are created where poverty has previously dominated. Fair wages are paid, and employees are treated with dignity and respect. 

    During the Covid-19 crisis, much of India is in lockdown, and the export of goods from our factories is not always possible. So during this period, we’re supplementing our supply chain with merch from other sources. 

    While it’s difficult to find a supplier with the same deep commitment to their  employees as Freeset and Common Good have, we have chosen suppliers where there is some benchmark of ethical commitment. 

    Regardless of supply, all the profits from any sales here go back to our producers in Kolkata to ensure they have an opportunity at a better way of life.  

    With every purchase you make, you’re helping make the world a little bit of a better place.  

    goodMerch - The products


    The Products

    Unisex T-Shirt

    XS - 3XL     
    150 GSM 100% Fair trade organic cotton

    Women's T-Shirt

    XS - 2XL     
    150 GSM 100% Fair trade Organic Cotton 

    Unisex Long sleeve

    XS - 3XL     
    150 GSM 100% Fair trade organic cotton

    Tote bag

    100% heavy weight organic cotton canvas

    6 Panel Cap


    300 GSM Organic Cotton Fair Trade Twill Fabric


    Hard wearing 310 GSM premium 100% cotton canvas


    Contact Us To Get Started 



    goodMerch - The Fine Print

    The Fine Print

    This is a pre order service, where we run your campaign for a specified length of time and send orders once the drop is sold. 

    You need to make sure your customers know this. 

    To keep the economics working for everyone, each product has a minimum quantity sold of 20 units. 
    Sorry, but this isn’t the platform to sell a couple of tees with your face printed on them to your mates.
     If you sell less than 20, you can choose to either refund your customers or pay the difference between your sales and the MOQ price. 

    You can only use the products we offer.
    You can set your own pricing – but as an ECON101 tip, be sure to factor in the costs of each item to ensure you’re at least covering costs.
     You also don’t want to price so high that no one buys anything!
    We only take pre orders, as we only print once your campaign is finished. 

    Read more terms and conditions here.